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What Is Your Attention Span? And Are There Any Tips To Better It?

Reading through this article you may become distracted by other things; that is your attention span breaking! If you had a good attention span, then you would have no trouble focusing on and finishing this article.

You may be even wondering what the attention span is. The attentions span of a person simply refers to the amount of time he or she can stay focused to finish a single task. Many things require your full or partial attention, for example listening in class or finish reports at work require your full attention span.

If you had a good and long attention span, you could complete these kinds of tasks in no time. However, for most people, that is not the case. People often have trouble focusing their full attention on one task, and they even have trouble finishing tasks because of that. This trait is called having a short attention span.
A short attention span can have many bad effects for people. Unfortunately, in today’s world of many gadgets and distractions, it is easy to get side-tracked and not finish your tasks or chores. It is hard to stay focused when we do not have enough sleep because we got distracted by playing a computer game. You can see in this situation how one distraction could affect your future self’s concentration and alertness.


Having focus requires you not to be distracted by other things. Instead, you have to stay focused on what is important to you know. Do not be distracted by video games if you have school work; you have to be fully at attention to do your tasks well.

How does one go about making their attention span longer?

There is not anyone tried and true method, most people, simply try their best to fully focus on one task to finish it completely.

Your willpower will be your strongest tool when it comes to dealing with a short attention span. You must have the strength of will to overcome the temptation of becoming distracted. This means you have to be determined, by yourself, to begin to strengthen your attention span.
Next, you must practice your self-discipline to reinforce your habits of having a long attention span. This means sticking to a schedule and a time you have set out to finish your tasks. By practicing self-discipline, you will gain better control of your attention span, and over time you will get distracted less easily.

You should also focus on increasing your attention to make your attention span last longer. One simple way you can do this is by removing anything in your environment that could distract you; this means if you are distracted by loud music, then go somewhere quiet. Concentration is one of the key factors to have a good attention span.

In conclusion, every task that we do requires our concentration and focus, if we do not have a good attention span, we cannot do our tasks properly. So if you want to succeed in life, you will have to improve your attention span.