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health-educationWe are a website that will teach you about the problems our bodies and brains encounter when presented with problems about attention, vision and your eyes. We will mainly discuss the topic of ‘rubbernecking,’ which is a natural phenomenon of our brain that causes us to lose attention because of shocking images.

We firmly believe the importance of the eyes and health of our vision. We also believe that both those factors could affect our brain’s attention span among other things. We also believe that there are methods that we can do, as humans, to improve those aspects of our health.

We will try to provide the best information that we can, about the health and illnesses of our eyes and brain. We will try and provide accurate information about the ways we can improve your body’s visual health and brain’s attention span. We will also provide information about the kinds of problems that we can encounter with our eyes and attention span.

We are glad that you are on your way to taking more control of your eyes and brain’s health.

Read through our posts to more fully understand what we do and a lot more. Have fun!