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Involuntary Actions of The Human Mind

316907-health-kitThe human mind has a lot of interesting and involuntary actions. Some of these actions are essential to our body’s survival, such as involuntarily breathing. However, some of these involuntary movements can create problems for us.

One of these involuntary brain phenomena is what is informally called ‘rubbernecking.’ We as humans are conditioned to inadvertently pay more attention to things that seem shocking or surprising, even when we do not want to. Our brains and our bodies simply cannot help it.

Our eyes and our brains are drawn to images that shock our brains. These images essentially trick our minds into paying more attention to images that we do not want to.

The brain phenomena of ‘rubbernecking’ can cause people to lose their attention. It is a kind of brain function that can negatively affect our attention span and our productivity.

There are also many other things that could negatively affect our health, such as problems with our vision, eyes, and attention span.

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