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Attentional Rubbernecking

  • 3 Best Ways To Stay Awake While Driving

    Sleepiness can affect our productivity, but when we are driving, it can be a serious problem. Drowsiness affects our reflexes and our response. This and especially falling asleep at the wheel can lead to serious problems, like accidents. In order to prevent this, we have to keep awake on the road. Here are a few ways to prevent falling asleep at the wheel and to stay awake on the road.


    Napping can be a way to counteract sleep deprivation. Take a short nap before going on the road or pull over in a safe place and get a little sleep. Sleep for 20 minutes and no more than 40 minutes. After waking up, you are likely to be groggy for 15 minutes or so, so be mindful of that. Napping is not always a solution, but when you have the chance to nap for a bit, take it. It’s better to lose 20-40 minutes than to fall asleep at the wheel. Consider napping if you have trouble keeping your eyes open or your head up, if you keep yawning or rubbing your eyes, if you are drifting, if you can’t remember the last few miles or are missing your exits or turns.

    Rubbernecking Coffee

    Drink caffeine

    Caffeine can help you stay awake. It improves alertness for a while, but it is a short-term solution. Caffeine can wear off quickly in some cases, especially if you are used to drinking a lot of caffeine. If you must stay on the road, consume a significant amount of coffee or another drink that has a lot of caffeine. Stay away from alcohol, as it will make you feel more drowsiness. You can also eat a healthy meal with a lot of protein to ensure you have the energy to keep going.

    Turn up the music

    Music can help you stay awake. Turn up the music loudly when you are feeling drowsy. Anything over 55 decibels will help, but the recommended volume is 90 decibels. Turn it up loudly for a while, but don’t listen to loud music for prolonged periods of time. It can make you irritable and distracted, as well as damage your hearing.

  • How To Rubberneck Without Getting Into Accident?

    Rubberneck Car Accident

    Rubbernecking is something that might make us feel guilty, but it’s also an activity we engage in even if we do feel guilt. Rubbernecking is a logical consequence of our desire to know and be aware of our surroundings, so when we are driving, we might tend to try and peek at accidents or problems. Sometimes, we don’t fully notice we are doing this. Rubbernecking can be difficult to avoid, so how can you do this without getting into an accident?

    Firstly, try to consider avoiding it. Making a conscious effort can help you reign in the curiosity. This is the go-to strategy if there is a dangerous situation on the road or if your rubbernecking can have serious consequences. If you’re tired, distracted, stressed, or anxious, rubbernecking will make you more distracted. If the road conditions or your own state are already less than ideal, try and avoid adding another risk factor to the mix.

    If the situation is safe and you feel the pull to peek, do it safely. Be aware of the circumstances on the road. Slow down, if it’s safe to do so. If you are going to do this, make sure you do it while paying attention. Often, you will get the chance to rubberneck while traffic is slow or has come to a halt, since other drivers will also try to look at the problem. If everyone ahead of you is slowing down, it’s easier for you to do the same.

    Keep your safety in mind when you are getting distracted. Remember that we are not good at multitasking – multitasking involves a quick switching between tasks, so when you are looking at an accident scene, you are not focused on your own driving. While the instinct to do so is natural, be careful.

    Rubbernecking has been seen as a problem across countries, so some places have tried different solutions for it. Blocking the accident site by special barriers is one of the proposed solutions that has been proven quite effective. It seems likely that similar solutions will be adopted in other places too.

  • Top 5 Steps To Improve Concentration Today

    Improving concentration can improve our performance at work, while engaging in our hobbies, and our driving, among many other things. Let’s take a look at the top 5 things you can do to improve your concentration today.



    One of the first aspects that can improve your concentration is planning. When you are not sure what you should be doing or how, it’s easier for you to lose focus and jump from one activity to another. When you plan and designate times for everything you do and have a clear idea of the time you need to spend doing something, it becomes easier to focus. Plan ahead!


    This is closely tied to the above step. You need to make priorities to ensure you don’t end up focusing on the wrong thing. Decide what you are going to focus on right now and make that a priority. For example, if you’re driving, make sure you’re not tempted to check your phone.

    Make it easy

    Step 3 to improve concentration is to remove distractions you know are going to affect you. Turn off the Internet, drink some water, turn off your smartphone, turn down the radio, etc. Depending on the situation, consider the distractions that are likely to affect you and do what you can to minimize them.


    Meditation can help you build up concentration and gain better control over your mental processes. Practicing meditation even for a few minutes every day can help you significantly improve your concentration. Even if you don’t practice it regularly, doing meditation before a time when you need to focus can help you relax and clear your mind, as well as to feel more energized and ready to concentrate.

    Take your time

    When we have a lot to focus on, we become distracted. In our lives, we often feel we have to rush or cram as many things as possible into our day. Take the time to focus on what you are doing and on experiencing the process of doing or making it. Focus on what you are doing and allow yourself time to finish before moving on to something else.

  • Modafinil Seller Review > A quackin’ good experience

    My review on DuckDose

    For those that are interested in requiring Modafinil online, you probably heard of DuckDose before and you want to find out if it is a reliable source to purchase it. Modafinil is known amongst nootropics lovers for its cognitive boosting capabilities and tiredness remover. It has appeared in movies and it helped a lot of people to get more things done without feeling sluggish or procrastinating.

    I have a very pleasant experience with this drug and I have been using it for over 16 months with astonishing results. I always use it when I have a big task ahead, something that I want to accomplish and that would normally wear me down very quickly. For example, before using it I struggled to write even an article a day for my websites. But if I start my morning with 200 mg pill I can easily push up to 5 articles per day. Of course, for some might have a more powerful effect or a less powerful effect.

    Modafinil can’t be normally purchased without a prescription from a medical professional. Because of its benefits towards the brain functions, it has been restricted to only be available with a prescription. That makes it hard and very expensive for nootropics passionate like me to acquire it. That’s why we need a safe, cheap and reliable source to get it online. That’s exactly what DuckDose is.



    What is DuckDose

    DuckDose is an online shop for Modafinil and his bigger brother Armodafinil. It has been growing in popularity a lot in the last period of time. After ModafinilCat closed its doors, DuckDose is the one that took its place in terms of quality of service.

    They offer these products from two different brands, Sun Pharma and HAB Pharma. Sun Pharma is a very well-known company based in the US and HAB Pharma is less known and from India. The only difference between these brands in term of the product is the binding agent they use in the pills. Some people seem to prefer one over the other one, and it’s usually recommended to try both brands and see which one works better for you.

    DuckDose is also a company that is based in India and that’s where from the packages come. Because of the nature of Modafinil and its legal implementations, this is the case with all the online vendors. They ship internationally to almost all countries, with the exception of Europe and some others where the law doesn’t permit this kind of delivery. But even in these cases, you can use a mail forwarding service that will deliver from the UK or the US to anywhere you want. The shipping times range from 7 to 21 days, depending on which part of the world are you.


    DuckDose vendor overview

    DuckDose is one of the cheapest vendors of Modafinil and Armodafinil that can be found. For example, if you purchase Modafinil in the biggest bulk size of 300 pills, you will pay $0.85 at Sun Pharma (here it’s called Modalert) and $0.80 at HAB Pharma (here is called Modvigil) per pill. Even more than this, you can also use a nice 20% discount if you pay with Bitcoin, and you will later also have 15% discount as a returning customer. Both discounts stack together, so that’s super awesome.

    modalert modvigil


    In terms of payment methods, it’s always nice to have different options from which to choose from. Here at DuckDose you can pay using Bitcoin, as I mentioned earlier, but also you can pay using your Visa or MasterCard. If we would evaluate these 3 methods, Bitcoin is by far the best option, because it’s very safe and also you get a nice discount using it. But just for the sake of your convenience, you know you can also use your card. And don’t worry about security, because DuckDose website has an encrypted connection, which makes all your data safe from the hands of hackers. These payments methods are a standard for Modafinil vendors because other payment processors refuse to be used for this type of products.

    Your data is not the only thing safe here. You also have FREE trackable shipping that is guaranteed. They basically guarantee that you get the order as you wanted. In rare cases of being held at the customs, they offer you a free reshipping or they give you a total refund. This is not applicable if you made the error and sent the wrong address information. I have to tell you that this guarantee makes buying Modafinil a stress-free task.


    Another great quality of this online provider is their customer support. The “ducks”, how their agents are called, are very helpful to any kind of difficulty you might have, and they are very fast in responses. They even have their own subreddit where people can come together and talk about their service or any kind of problems they’ve faced. You rarely find such a dedication for the good of the customer, so that is something to be appreciated. You really feel valued as a customer with them.

    Their website is also very nice in design and very easy to use. It’s not hard to figure it out in a couple of seconds, and making your order doesn’t take longer than 2 minutes.


    Do I recommend DuckDose

    Totally and 100%. I haven’t found any fault with this online vendor of Modafinil and Armodafinil. It’s quite impressive that they have managed to create a good and reliable service. I know there are other options out there for nootropics lovers, but none comes close to the quality that DuckDose delivery in every area of their services.

    You have cheap prices and awesome discounts that you can benefit from. You have free international shipping that is tracked and also guaranteed in case of being held at customs. You have a secure and very informative website, with lots of details about Modafinil and its benefits. You have three different payments options at your disposal. This is exactly how all online vendors should practice business.

  • How To Remain Focused?

    In driving and other aspects of our lives, we need to stay focused. But keeping focus can be difficult. We seem to have limited resources to maintain our full attention on something. Let’s take a look at a few strategies that can help us concentrate and stay focused on something.

    Avoid multitasking

    One of the biggest enemies of focus is multitasking. While it may be tempting to feel that we are getting a lot of stuff accomplished at once, in reality multitasking affects our capacity to focus and makes us much less productive. When we believe we are doing things at the same time, we are in reality quickly switching between our tasks, which means that we are much less productive. It’s better to focus on one thing and then on another, as well as to remember that when we multitask, we are not truly focused on anything.


    Train your mind

    The ability to focus can be trained. When we make the effort to practice focus, it becomes easier for us to stay focused for longer.  Training focus can mean simply trying to keep focus for short periods of time. For example, start by trying to maintain focus on your breathing or your tasks for five minutes to start. Then, increase the time as it becomes easier.

    Focus on the process

    Something that can help us focus more intently is to put the focus on the process rather than on the result. If we are focused on the result, we can get more distracted and tend to be less productive. Focusing on the process can help us stay concentrated on what we are doing now rather than on distractions.

    Minimize distractions

    Sometimes, the easiest way to focus is to minimize distractions. We can turn off the smartphone, lower the volume on the music, eat before starting work to avoid hunger as a distraction, and so on. Sometimes, minimizing distractions can be a useful strategy to help us focus.

  • What is rubbernecking?



    Quite some time since we last wrote. People have been asking what rubbernecking is so I thought perhaps we should explain here. Rubbernecking is the term used to refer to people craning their neck to peek at something of interest and has been linked with mostly morbid curiosity. Rubbernecking becomes a concern on the road and usually refers to drivers peeking at car accidents or problems at the road. The drivers will pass something and crane their necks to see it, expressing morbid curiosity often minutes after chiding others for doing the same. While this curiosity is a part of human nature, it is not as innocuous as it seems.

    On the road, 16% of all distraction-related accidents are related to rubbernecking. This means that rubbernecking can lead to accidents with some frequency. Rubbernecking also slows down traffic and can affect traffic. Overall, rubbernecking can be a problem for the driver or other drivers.
    Despite the fact that rubbernecking can be an issue, most people still engage in it from time to time. Why? One explanation is that people are just curious by nature. When we see something has happened, we feel the compulsion to check it out and evaluate whether it is a threat to us, for instance. While morbid curiosity is not always useful, our first instinct is usually to get a sense for what’s going on, which can result in rubbernecking, even if we had just been criticizing others for doing the same.

    Some situations will allow us to get away with rubbernecking, but others can lead to serious problems for ourselves or others. Overall, it’s best to keep our focus and be aware of the possible consequences of rubbernecking. If we feel the urge to do this while driving, we need to be careful and mind our safety. While not looking out through the window can be dissatisfying, having an accident can lead to more serious consequences, so we need to be careful when indulging our curiosity.


  • What is ‘rubbernecking’?


    In a recent scientific study, researchers were able to discover a newly named brain phenomenon. This phenomenon was termed as ‘attentional rubbernecking,’ or ‘rubbernecking’ for short.

    “Attentional rubbernecking” is what happens when our eyes see an erotic, violent image, or any other picture of shocking nature. Then after seeing such images, our brains cannot seem to process the full information of that image. Often our brains cannot process what our eyes are seeing, and then we have trouble anticipating what will come after that image because our brains have been confused by a shocking picture.

    To test this phenomenon, the researchers asked a group of research participants to view a series of images. They discovered that research subjects had a harder time detecting an image if it provoked a strong emotional response. Subjects have a harder time identifying the visual cues of an image that had erotic or violent content. The researchers compared this to research subjects viewing more neutral images. On average, there was a significant increase in the amount of time it took to identify images of violent content. Research subjects often took a few more seconds identifying photos with significant emotional content, as opposed to neutral photographs. It took an extra few seconds for their brains to process what their eyes were seeing.


    The results of the effect were what motivated scientists to call this effect “attentional rubbernecking.” This is because the effect of being distracted by violent or erotic photos is very similar to the effect of seeing a car accident on a highway. Seeing a car wreck on a highway, and then stopping to view it, is called rubbernecking. You may not want to see the accident, or in this case photos, but your emotions force you to view them and then distract you for a few seconds too.

    In a more detail review of the test, research subjects were asked to find a specific picture among a pile of other pictures, which featured buildings and nature landscapes. In between those neutral pictures, were placed images that depicted some violence or erotic content. The researchers discovered that subjects had a harder time searching for a specific picture when they came across any of these erotic or violent images. The closer that these kinds of photos were placed on the specific images that they were supposed to find, the longer it took them to find their goal pictures. The length of time of distraction was then same for both erotic and violent images.

    Researchers have stated while there are no immediately identifiable impacts of these on attention span and visual processing, this ”attentional rubbernecking” effect could have negative consequences for us. This “attentional rubbernecking” effect also cannot be controlled, scientists suspect. Our brains and its chemistry are simply built to process visual information and attention this way.

    The scientists compared this effect to have a bottleneck for the amount of information our brains can process. We can only process so much information at one time. And if one piece of visual information is more jarring than others, such as a violent or erotic image, then that bottleneck of information is essentially clogged up, and our attention spans stall. This stalling of the attention span could be affected by a huge number of factors, and not just violent or erotic imagery. We could become distracted by a huge number of upsetting factors.


    In the real world, this “attentional rubbernecking” effect could negatively impact our performance at work or when we are simply driving. A sexually explicit or lewd advertisement could stick in our mind more, and we end up being tricked into not paying attention to our surroundings.