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7 Tips You Can Use To Keep Your Eyes Healthy

Good eyesight and visual health is an important part of your overall body’s health. Good eyesight involves doing a few things to keep your eyes healthy. If you want to have healthy eyes, then following these tips should ensure that your vision stays at 20/20.


Go to the doctor for regular check-ups

Regularly visiting the doctor can help you prevent any condition you have from worsening. An eye doctor may even find problems that were so small, but you just did not notice. Prevention is always key in health, even in eye health.

Rest your eyes often

Take regular breaks to avoid straining your eyes. If you are staring at a computer screen for hours at a time, you should regularly take a few breaks to rest your eyes. Eye strain can cause problems later on and can cause migraines in the present.

Get regular sleep

The right amount of sleep is essential if you want to keep your eyes looking and performing well. Lack of sleep can cause eye bags to form under the eyes, and lack of sleep also makes eyes swell up and look puffy. Not enough sleep could also hinder the repairing functions of the eye, so you should always go for the adequate 8 hours of sleep per night.

Eat the right kinds of foods

Carrots, egg yolks, garlic, leafy greens, and onions are all great foods that will help improve the health of your eyes. These kinds of foods contain essential nutrients that are an important part of keeping your eyes healthy and working properly.

Wear eye protection

Wearing the appropriate kinds of eye protection is another important piece of making sure your eyes stay healthy. It is often overlooked, but you should wear your sunglasses or eye goggles when you need to. Sunglasses can protect your eyes from the harmful UV radiation coming from the sun. And you should wear safety goggles if you in a laboratory or construction location, safety goggles can prevent any damage that could happen to your eyes.

Keep your eyes moisturized

quit-smoking-for-eye-health-newview-eye-center-in-reston-virginia-dr-jacqueline-griffiths-300x250Our eyes naturally produce tears to keep it lubricated; however, sometimes we get dry eyes. This can be caused by a dry environment, dry air or allergies. The eyes need moisture to keep them clean and to work well. If you have dry eyes, you should use artificial tear eye drops to keep them adequately moisturized. You should also consider drinking more water for proper hydration.

If you smoke, then quit

Smoking cigarettes have some bad effects on your eyes. Smoking has been linked to early cataract formation, with smokers more likely to develop cataracts as they get older. Smokers also had a higher chance of optic nerve damage, which can cause blurred vision and painful headaches. There is also a higher occurrence of macular degradation among smokers, which can lead to eventual loss of eyesight. If you want what is best for your eyes, you should consider quitting smoking.