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3 Best Ways To Stay Awake While Driving

Sleepiness can affect our productivity, but when we are driving, it can be a serious problem. Drowsiness affects our reflexes and our response. This and especially falling asleep at the wheel can lead to serious problems, like accidents. In order to prevent this, we have to keep awake on the road. Here are a few ways to prevent falling asleep at the wheel and to stay awake on the road.


Napping can be a way to counteract sleep deprivation. Take a short nap before going on the road or pull over in a safe place and get a little sleep. Sleep for 20 minutes and no more than 40 minutes. After waking up, you are likely to be groggy for 15 minutes or so, so be mindful of that. Napping is not always a solution, but when you have the chance to nap for a bit, take it. It’s better to lose 20-40 minutes than to fall asleep at the wheel. Consider napping if you have trouble keeping your eyes open or your head up, if you keep yawning or rubbing your eyes, if you are drifting, if you can’t remember the last few miles or are missing your exits or turns.

Rubbernecking Coffee

Drink caffeine

Caffeine can help you stay awake. It improves alertness for a while, but it is a short-term solution. Caffeine can wear off quickly in some cases, especially if you are used to drinking a lot of caffeine. If you must stay on the road, consume a significant amount of coffee or another drink that has a lot of caffeine. Stay away from alcohol, as it will make you feel more drowsiness. You can also eat a healthy meal with a lot of protein to ensure you have the energy to keep going.

Turn up the music

Music can help you stay awake. Turn up the music loudly when you are feeling drowsy. Anything over 55 decibels will help, but the recommended volume is 90 decibels. Turn it up loudly for a while, but don’t listen to loud music for prolonged periods of time. It can make you irritable and distracted, as well as damage your hearing.